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Quality certified system

Quality, Environment, Safety on the job

In regard of the established policy ”customer oriented” the quality factor is the key for the production in the modern market and this counts especially in the division of the electric power facilities, where the final consumer enjoys a product bearer of high service content; which sees in sequence more workers planning it, manufacturing the elements and implementing it. Elettrovit performs in the regard of the regulations in force and conforms to the production standards of control management guaranteed by the system certification in compliance with international rules UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999, released by one of the most prestigious certification agency among all the ones operating in Italy, the CSQ managed by the IMQ S.p.A. in Milano.

Certifying the company processes is the recognition of the company’s ability which knew how to optimize its own organization equipping itself with an efficient and effective system to manage the processes, suitable structures and facilities, as well as adequate fees. As a consequence, certifying its own manufactures in the means of a broaden process stands for certifying its own ability to know how to keep the role inside the process itself. This confirms to the market how the Elettrovit is a reliable structure that warrants the reproducibility of its own performances and therefore it warrants the maintenance and the improvement of the adopted qualitative standards. The constant maintenance of the qualitative, environmental and safety adopted standards can be warranted only by the common observance of precise rules that translate themselves into responsibility acceptance, since the products’ quality depends on people manufacturing them. The integrated policy outlined by the Administrative office to ensure quality, environment, health and safety in the workplaces represents, for the Elettrovit and the Vitobello’s Group, the willingness of a loyal collaboration with the purchasing and with its own suppliers and internal clients, with the spirit of the reciprocal faith and cooperation in assuring a constant, reliable controlled and well manufactured production, respecting the environment and the workers’ health and safety.

The Management utilizes the company policy as a tool to bring the organization towards the continuous improvement of its performance, of the report with the environment and of the protection of its own employees. At least once a year, the Management reviews the Policy and the Integrated Management System, to evaluate:

  • Its conformity to the reference rules, to the applicable laws, to the company reality;
  • Its efficiency and effectiveness and improvement possibilities;
  • The adequacy of the competences and the knowledge to profile the needs of vocational training;
  • The validity of the criteria and of the methodologies of measurement and monitoring the adopted processes.


It has been prepared a supporting documentation which is the basic guideline of the integrated management system allowing everybody to understand and apply the rules and the principles outlined by the Management in the above mentioned Policy, and that consists of:

  1. A management handbook, edited on the basis of the requirements requested by regulations of reference other than by the guidelines UNI INAIL dated September 2001, briefly representing a guide for internal and external clients showing the policy, the organization, the responsibilities of the various company members, the procedures and their interrelations, the forms on managing the aspects bound to quality, to the environment and related to the worker‘s safety;

  2. Operational procedures and flow charts aiming to describe in details the main company processes, outlining the responsibilities, the forms and the order of the phases for the processes execution;

  3. Operational instructions describing in details the technical, managerial, productive, environmental characteristics and related to the processes safety;

  4. Set of forms about procedures, charts and instructions representing documents in which the measurement activities and processes control are recorded.

Elettrovit has also described special productive processes, it has equipped with leased production instruments and has trained its employees to obtain the qualification of supplier for the ENEL Group. Achieving such qualifications represents the result of an evaluation process which awards the company the title ”Subject of Certified Technical and Economic Reliability” and makes it suitable to make a tender for a work on contract by the companies of this Group’s invitation to compete.

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