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The Group

The Group and its companies structure.

Elettrovit S.r.l. established in 1989 as Vitobello’s Group leader firm. Today Elettrovit S.r.l. is acknowledged on the market for its capacity to manufacture power lines in subterranean cables and aerial cables for the high, the medium, the low voltage (AT, MT, BT). Due to the acquired experience, to its own employees’ high professionalism and to the implemented processes, the firm is able to control the whole production process, according to:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Design
  • Working plan
  • Line manufacturing
  • Line activation.

The whole conveyance line’s life cycle is efficiently supported by a deep knowledge of the planning and manufacturing problematic, aided by a host of various instruments (starting from instruments like georadar, suitable to distances study, up to the operational stage performed by belted diggers, operated by remote control). The company’s fame in the reference market is especially bound to the effectiveness in quality manufacture and to the promptness in works execution. The total control over the process and the manufacture’s methodological analysis allow a check in real time of the job done, with the consequent possibility to timely make corrections against any unexpected mistake and possible results.

During the years, the increased complexity of the support factors to the manufacture, as per the changed division’s needs - such as the planning and realization of building facilities works, always more complex, or the environmental impact estimate -, have caused the in sourcing of new jobs, in which the company has courageously invested, targeting to keep a response equal to the acknowledged standard and to accrue the needed know how in order to stand for the new challenges of the building trade industry and for the production of electric power from traditional and renewable sources. Elettrovit mainly works in Italy specializing in:

  • AT aerial cables manufacturing, pylons and cables dismantling (demolition), changes to existing cables and out of order checkups;
  • Laying AT subterranean cables up to the highest voltage, including planning and breaking grounds and related restorations;
  • Building electric power distribution facilities conveying medium or low voltage, both by aerial and subterranean cables;
  • Building booths for switching and converting MT/BT;
  • Building and maintenance of public lighting plants;
  • Placing F.O. cables for telecommunication and data transmission facilities.

Elettrovit has reached a high specialization level in the fibre optic cable and the high voltage (subterranean and aerial) fields, through a careful personnel selection and training and keeping instruments according to the modern technology. Since 1994, (Elettrovit) has been included, because of the high voltage, in the small number of enterprises qualified by ENEL S.p.A. and Terna S.p.A. with the qualification to work on the whole national territory. In order to warrant optimal services and efficiency always to the highest levels, the company policy is set on periodical renewals of the fleet of cars, instruments and equipments. Because of the liquid assets (stated by he most known banks), the high skilled personnel and the equipments’ capacity - among a fleet of more than 100 cars, including industrial vehicles, diggers, road rollers, etc - the firm is able to accept orders of considerable size and complexity, assuring work quality, deadlines and contracts terms‘ observance. The leader Elettrovit’s company policy has been extended to the entire group’s corporations, with the intent to keep high levels of specialization and work performance.

The Group’s executive and commercial headquarters are located in Via Caracciolo, Napoli, while the operations headquarters are in Ottaviano (NA), inside of an industrial unit by the size of 4.000 mq. indoors and 30.000 mq. outdoors, needed to host the technical, workshop, logistic and warehouse activities. The group has two more headquarters, one in Milano, needed to serve the northern Italy’s activities’ developments and the other one in Barano di Ischia (NA) where the island’s activities are managed.

Group's other activities

On the initiatives of its founder, Dr. Ruggiero Vitobello, in time the Group has extended its own interests in numerous activities in Italy and in foreign countries, each one specialized in a specific field. Such interests have been turned, with strong interest, to fast transportation; in detail, to the navigation division, partnering on equal terms with the company “Alilauro Aliscafi del Tirreno S.p.A.” from 1982 to 1988 (one of the larger private navigation companies).[The Group has] directly [partnered] with the company Alivit S.r.l, mainly operating hydrofoils’ connections from Sicily to the islands and ultimately with the company Elivit S.r.l, in the air transport division, transporting passengers and goods by helicopter. Furthermore an interest has been developed in the real estate and in the housing project divisions with a particular regard to residential housing. In this division there are companies operating in Italy, the Ivit S.r.l. and the Vivit S.r.l., in USA, in the town of Kingman, Arizona, the Mavit Corporation, is building a circa 3,000 units residential housing complex , a shopping center, a golf course and a sporting club.

Recently, IMEP S.r.l., company which is already generally engaged in building and managing sports and recreations facilities, began to organize meetings, conventions, and events in general, in receptions facilities owned by the Group, amongst all of them there is the prestigious Villa Icaro. Finally, to meet the increasing demand of service technological facilities, NEXIO S.r.L., specialized in design, realization and maintenance of data processing networks and technological facilities, entered to be part of the Group. Vitobello’s Group performs in the division of electrical works since 1952, and in laying subterranean cables (both energy conveyance and data transmission) since 1960. During the years the Group’s activity has reached a high grade of specialization in the division of aerial and subterranean cabling, in high, medium and low voltage, as well as building booths for MT/BT conversion and conveyance and telecommunications facilities. The leader Elettrovit is qualified in the Group Enel supplier’s list, merchandising division related to electric power production, transmission and conveyance.

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