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The new frontier of the urbanization

The human habits evolution is causing the umpteenth transformation of our time: places and ways of working mutation rapidly alters the territory, overcoming the old logic of the urbanization process. Therefore to the sole and confused physical city’s expansion, with the consequent occupation of the surrounding areas and the transformation of the previous use destinations (agricultural, wooded, industrial, etc.), the current phenomenon replaces itself with the demand of a new requalification of the life space and of the work. Primary and secondary urbanization works implemented in the environment and historical patrimony’s respect and protection, structured with communications and electric power facilities, reorganize the territory’s topography. Quality and functionality set the models of the modern “domus”, which will host the man in his new activities. Life patterns and innovative services which will allow to achieve major affluence and security, but especially will allow to perform duties from afar too; pursuing the objective that sees the man in the center of his activities. A new phenomenon capable to extensively and prestigiously reallocate the human activities and to prepare the society towards a very much improved quality of life; overcoming the old problems of the great urban concentration and of the “ conurbazione” caused by old systems of spontaneous housing having, as ingrained, lack of services and dangerous inclined social insecurity; and the direction cannot be other than this: if the arising of the postindustrial period during the last century years, ‘70s-’80s, has marked a collapse of the old urban concentration, the beginning of the globalization has redesigned this model, inspiring the transformation that is in practice today : concentrations of life and work for “islands of styles”, often distant from each other, performing a common productive function through the access to communication channels guaranteed by facilities and advanced services.


Elettrovit, along with the other companies of the Vitobello’s Group, during the years has increased its presence in the building trade. Constructions activities and requalification initially realized to support the principal process (electric power plants and primary booths), during the years have acquired their own autonomy and today they allow the Group to be an active reality in Italy and in USA in the planning, the constructions, in the requalification of housing and hotel divisions.

The Group has the means, the facilities and the personnel to realize constructions works, setting up and decorating in the formula “keys on hand” or partial, performing planning activities (from the estimate planning to the execution of the project), and works management. The personnel is able to work according to qualitative Italian and American standards.

To improve the productive results, the Group thoroughly verifies its own processes, performs studies, research works and analysis to innovate its own technological instruments and to increase the know how of the associated companies.

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